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Sound Advice - People can easily spend $40-$90 for food per plate at their party and good food is definitely important but majority of the party is defined by the quality and type of music your DJ will spin where as a DJ costs under a $1.00 per person... Music makes any party, so let yours be the greatest party of them all. Hiring the right DJ for your event is easily one of the most important decisions you'll make for a successful event.

The difference between a talented DJ and an average record-spinner can make the difference between your guests having a great time or your guests going home bored with a headache (or both). We ask the right questions to specialize to your event. What kind of music will your guests like? Are there any specific songs you would like us too bring? This way we can smoothly assemble as necessary.

When it comes to budgeting for your event, most consider the DJ as an after thought. At the end of the day, its just some guy putting on a few records, right? Wrong! Some people view DJ's as an optional extra and choose the cheapest one they can find, not knowing that there are differences to look for.

Booking House of Bounce Inc. and our qualified sound specialists will ensure a relaxing and worry free experience for your special day what ever it may be. So sit back and have fun and let us make the party memorable for you!

Randeep Sarpal aka DJ Jeevz:

Has been specializing in Punjabi, Hindi and English for over 17 years, his first gig was at 16 years of age and since then he found his niche for a passion in music and the business he has developed and pursued today.


Is our energetic, outgoing and dancing DJ, he makes any party his own personal fun assignment and specializes in Hindi and English parties for over 7 years.

Balteaj & Karan:

Are the inseparable double duo you will get as DJ partners and have been specializing in Punjabi, Hindi and English parties for over two years


Every team has the back up and leg work of reliable staff and Justin has been here for over 3 years as that guy. A helping hand with all the DJ's!!!

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